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About Acadia University

Acadia is a small, primarily undergraduate university that fosters strong community building and opportunities for its students. Acadia chooses to merit students for numerous aspects surrounding their education, including their extra-curricular activities. The university offers a curriculum that outlines verified leadership, volunteer, and professional development achievements outside of the classroom.

The small liberal-arts focus of the school also provides students with a strong teacher-to-student ratio, ensuring a high level of student-instructor interaction. Being situated in Wolfville also allows Acadia to foster a strong student community and atmosphere - students can immerse themselves in the small university town throughout their studies. Events such as local farmer's markets and the Deep Roots Film Festival provide students with a rustic, yet fun and invigorating student life.

Most courses at the Acadia University include a Co-operative Education, or Co-op, program. The Co-op program allows students to gain real work experience during their studies. Students are provided connections to a series of employers seeking students for work terms ranging from 4-16 months, providing competitive salaries for engaging and current positions in various industries. To enter the program, students require a minimum GPA of 2.5 in a relevant degree.

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