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About Carleton University

Carleton University was founded in 1942 and became a public university in 1957. It is one of Canada's leading public universities. Carleton University is located in downtown Ottawa, Canada, and the campus covers an area of 62 hectares. Ottawa's two main universities - the University of Ottawa and Carleton University - are located on the edge of the Rideau canal, surrounded by nature to compliment each school's impressive academic legacy.

With beautiful scenery, proximity to government agencies, laboratories, and libraries, Carleton University is an enriching learning atmosphere. It is well known in the fields of public affairs, business management, engineering, design, sciences, arts, and social sciences. It ranked as one of Canada's top universities.. The school is a member of the Universities of Ontario Union, a member of the Canadian University and College Board, and a member of the International University Consortium.

Since its inception as a public university, Carleton expanded in political science, economics, sociology and other important fields. It has made considerable progress contributing to Canada's social affairs and other international fields. With over 28,000 students, including students from more than 100 countries, Carleton is diverse and inclusive. Carleton University is in cooperation with the University of Ottawa to share resources, knowledge, and expertise. With many of Canada's leading high-tech enterprises and research institutions closely linked to public affairs, Carleton is an ideal location to study across a number of disciplines.

Carleton University has 15 teaching and research institutes, 75 research centres, and more than 50 degree programs. With the most famous journalism department in Canada, Polytechnic Institute and Department of Industrial Design, it is a well-established university with culture, art and academic scholarship. Carleton University is gradually shifting to a research-intensive university. The annual research fund is about $100 million Canadian dollars.

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