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About MacEwan University

Founded in 1971, MacEwan University is a teaching intensive institution located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Since its beginning MacEwan University has led a student-centered system of programs. They offer 65 programs of study with a focus on collaborative learning. This system of collaboration and student-centered approach has made MacEwan University especially well-suited for students who transfer at various stages in their educational careers.

Of particular interest at MacEwan University is what they call the 'Open Studies Program.' The university offers its classes in an open enrollment for anyone who wishes to study simply for the sake of their own personal interest. People who opt for the Open Studies Program are not required to be enrolled in a major or certificate program. This program is open to anyone who wishes to study for their own personal enrichment and it is open to students from other universities who want to explore the options at MacEwan.

Until recently, MacEwan University was comprised of four campuses. They have since consolidated the university into one campus in downtown Edmonton. This was part of a campus consolidation project which was motivated by MacEwan's student-centered philosophy. The belief was the in order to foster a vibrant community of students, faculty, and staff, the university was better served by being in one location. Students can now study and live on campus and enjoy the benefits of a lively urban area in Edmonton.

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