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About McMaster University

McMaster University is one of the few Canadian universities consistently ranked in the top 100 in the world, by major global ranking systems. Founded in 1887, McMaster University is dedicated to teaching, learning and service, and considers itself a medical-doctoral, research-intensive university. It is home to over 70 research centers and institutes, and houses 6 main faculties. These include: The DeGroote School of Business, and the Faculties of Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences.

Located primarily in Hamilton, Ontario, McMaster University is on 300 acres of scenic views, with the 30-acre central core designed for pedestrian and bicycle use. The campus is also in close proximity to Toronto, and the famous Niagara Falls. The university also has four regional campuses: downtown Hamilton, Burlington, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Niagara.

McMaster attracts students from 107 countries, and from all over Canada. In 2016, over 22% of its student body were international students. It has a total full-time student population of over 31,000. The primary teaching language is English.

The university has its own nuclear reactor, which opened in 1959, and was the first university-based research reactor in the British Commonwealth. Today it is one of the world's largest makers of the medical isotope iodine-125, which is used in the treatment for prostate cancer.

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