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About Ryerson University

Ryerson University is Canada's leading university in career-focused in innovative education. Located in Ontario, the university has an urban setting with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. Ryerson University is Ontario's most applied-to university relative to its available spaces. The university offers over 100 graduate and undergraduate programs.

With a combination of professional and theoretical learning, Ryerson University provides undergraduate and graduate education which is unique from other universities. Ryerson University is ranked 10th in Canada and 4th in Ontario by enrollment of students. Ryerson University has 39,000 undergraduates and 2,600 Ph.D and masters students. Ryerson University's focus on entrepreneurship and innovation is most distinctly represented by the Digital Media Zone, where students can collaborate and show their ideas on the marketplace.

At Ryerson University, student media include The Eyeopener (a student newspaper), CJRU (a campus radio station). The University also has a journalism program where through which students produce a 2nd newspaper, The Ryersonian, as well as the Ryerson Review of Journalism, a biannual magazine.

Ryerson University enjoys a reputation for its collaboration with industrial and community partners while pursuing it research objectives. The university's research fields include: cultural industries and creative expression, well-being and health, energy, the environment and sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship, and digital media.

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