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About Trent University

Trent University was established in 1964 as a post-secondary institution in the Trent Valley. Trent University enrolls approximately 7,600 full-time students. The university is renowned for its sustainable agriculture and food systems, forensic science, and business administration programs. Ranked 4th overall among primarily-undergraduate focused institutions, Trent University is recognized as one of Canada's best small universities.

Trent University typically hosts smaller class sizes, allowing for a high level of interaction between professors and students. There are also a relatively low number of international students at the school. Despite being a small university, Trent University offers students the opportunity to participate in academic and scientific research. The Water Quality Center, which was opened several years ago, has led Trent University to a leading position in technology and research in the identification of drinking water quality. By the same token, the University offers many research opportunities for graduate students in agriculture, and Canadian research and health.

Trent University's Institute of Ethnology was established in Canada 30 years ago. The institute's graduate program was introduced in 1999, the first of its kind in Canada. Trent University also offers joint-degree programs with other institutions. For example, Trent University offers a joint Kinesiology program with UOIT (University of Ontario Institute of Technology).

The small, interactive class sizes is another notable characteristic of Trent University. The school's emphasis on interactivity in the classroom encourages active and lively discussion. According to MacLean's, the average first and second year class typically holds 71.7 students, while upper classes enroll 22.9 students on average. The Thomas J. Bata Library is the only library at the Peterborough campus of Trent University. Completed in 1969, the library is the focal point of the campus. With a large collection of both printed and electronic materials, the Thomas J. Bata Library is a great place for students to study and focus outside of the classroom.

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