University of Toronto Scarborough

1265 Military Trail, Scarborough, Canada

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About University of Toronto Scarborough

Located in Toronto but still creating the intimacy of a smaller city, U of T Scarborough is located in one of Toronto's most diverse and cultural neighborhoods. It is also undergoing a major renovation and created 14,000 square meters of redesigned space. The new Aquatics Centre and Field House represents Canada's largest investment related to amateur sport infrastructure, which opened in 2015.

Co-op programs are also a prime opportunity for U of T Scarborough students, with over 2500 students enrolled in these 46 different programs. Internships, hands-on research, and community engagement also add to these extracurricular experiences.150 student groups are also part of campus life to grow any interest students may have. Experiential education is considered the hallmark of this institution.

U of T Scarborough also prides itself on being an active campus. It has its own tennis courts and full size FIFA regulation soccer and rugby fields, and more than 40km of walking and running trails. Of all of the U of T campuses, Scarborough has the most students participating in intramural programs.

Academic life includes 180 program options and 1,100 courses a year, including Computer and Mathematical sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Management, Physical and Environmental Sciences, and Psychological and Health Sciences. There are also joint programs for those with multiple interests and greater career opportunities.

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