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3800 Finnerty Rd, Victoria, Canada

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About University of Victoria

The University of Victoria, founded in 1963, is among Canada's leading research universities. The university offers degree courses to over 20,000 students, 16,000 of them undergraduates and 4,000 graduates, with a 47:33 male to female ratio.

University of Victoria has a culture of creativity, discovery and innovation. Also, civic engagement is included as a major part of the university's mission, with students and faculty encouraged to collaboratively work with both international and community partners in addressing global issues. The University of Victoria ranks consistently a one of the leading universities in the world and in Canada. In Canada, it has been a highly ranked university since 2010. Globally, it ranks among the best 200 universities.

The university earns a reputation for its commitment to scholarship, research and co-op education. University of Victoria students have got access to a wide range of cultural attractions, such as art, music, and international film festivals. Some common outdoor pursuits are kayaking, skiing, sailing and hiking. The mild climate in Victoria (an area in Canada with the warmest winters) allows tennis fans and golfers to play sports outdoors all through the year. The varsity sports teams known as the Victoria Vikes represent the University of Victoria in several competitive sports, such as basketball, soccer, rugby, sailing, and rowing.

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