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401 Sunset Avenue, Windsor, Canada

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About University of Windsor

The University of Windsor is located at North America's busiest international border crossing. The entire campus looks out on the Detroit River. This is also Canada's southern-most city and offers that nicest weather in the country. This location works well with the University of Windsor since it is an internationally oriented institution which actively works with a diverse student populations and actively engages students in international programs.

The university began in 1857 as Assumption College. It became Windsor University in 1962 when the university assimilated the old Assumption University. It has since operated as part of the International Association of Universities.

Academics at Windsor University are rigorous. They offer a full range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in over 120 different majors. Admission is competitive for a public university. Windsor University is major research institution and students benefit from being able to study with faculty to who are at the fore of their respective fields.

Students benefit from the sister city relationship between Windsor and Detroit. While students enjoy small city life in Windsor, Detroit, just across the river, offers everything one would expect form a big city: nightlife, professional sports, and the rich cultural life of a city.

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