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About UOIT

UOIT was established in 2002. One of things which distinguishes UOIT is the government act which established the university demands that it be responsive to both students and to the market demands of technological advancement. For this reason UOIT is one of the wired institutions in Canada. The technology available to students is of the most advanced available. The particular focus on technology at UOIT means that most of the university's resources are focused on this area. Students will have access to the most cutting edge equipment in the world.

UOIT boasts over 70 advanced labs devoted to specific technologies as part of the educational programs they provide. UOIT offers programs such as Forensic Psychology, Artificial Intelligence and Gaming, and Cybercrime. These are the kinds of programs which are just not available at most universities.

Lest anyone think UOIT is all about technology, they also offer a range of varsity athletics which include soccer, curling, and hockey (it is Canada after all). The athletic departments at UOIT are growing more competitive each year as they build a strong reputation on the national level.

The university is less than an hour train ride to Toronto and the surrounding area is filled with great restaurants, pubs, and sports venues.

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