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About Florida Atlantic University

Founded in 1964, Florida Atlantic University is the first public university in southeastern Florida. FAU has seven campuses throughout Palm Beach County, Broward County and St. Lucia County, serving more than 3 million inhabitants.

The main Boca Raton campus has a wide range of university courses and facilities, including laboratories, classrooms, student apartments, cinemas, sports and recreational facilities, as well as a shark tank for aquatic research. In addition to academic and cultural programs, the campus also has a Division 1 NCAA football team. The main campus has about 19,077 students, accounting for 70% of the total number of university students. Florida Atlantic and Living Room Theatres (LRT) have a unique public-private partnership. A total of four small cinemas run by the company, each with 50 seats and a European-style cafホ, conduct multimedia teaching during the day and at the same time present classical or indie films for the public.

In an effort to create a more traditional university atmosphere for the Boca Raton main campus, FAU has developed a project called Innovation Village, which includes new student dormitories, fitness and leisure centers, alumni centers, restaurants, shops, parking, and a 30,000-seat football field, home to the Florida Atlantic Owls football team.

Each campus has its own library. Located on main campus is Boca Raton Library (SE Wimberly Library), one of the largest, most complete facilities with the most abundant collection. The Library provides online electronic magazine, book reading, academic resource query, lecture registration and other services. The FAU has a well-equipped Recreation & Fitness Center and Physical Wellness Center offering courses in indoor soccer, American Karate, basketball, soccer, badminton, yoga, pilates and golf. Services include personal trainers, group training, personal healthy diet counselors, and various equipment rentals. The Recreation & Fitness Center was completed in 2010 and covers an area of 77,000 square feet.

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