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225 North Avenue NW, Atlanta, United States

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About Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology is commonly referred to as Georgia Tech. The university was founded in 1885 and is one of United States' top technology institutes. With approximately 30,000 enrolled college students and over 1,000 faculty members, Georgia Tech has a campus spanning 400 acres and 143 buildings. There are well-equipped modern teaching buildings as well as sports stadiums that were specially built for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. One of the notable locations on campus is Technology Square. It was a $179 million dollar project to revitalize run-down neighborhood in the Midtown area. Many of the research and technology buildings such as the GVU Center is located in this area. There are also external companies such as Accenture that occupy part of the real estate in the area.

In addition to the main campus in Atlanta, there are also satellite campuses located in Savannah (Georgia), Shanghai (China), Metz (France), just to name a few. Georgia Tech is consistently ranked as one of the best colleges in the US and in the world. For over 10 years, the university has remained in the top 10 public schools in the US and its engineering program was once ranked 9th in the world in 2013. It is notable that Georgia Tech is ranked second among other public institutions in the US for student's return on investment, which makes it extremely attractive to incoming high school seniors.

Georgia Institute of Technology is known for Engineering. Although MIT and Cal Tech are both strong leaders in science and engineering, Georgia Tech ranks second, ahead of Cal Tech but just behind MIT. Its research capabilities cannot be overlooked; Georgia Tech coordinates scientific research projects under the Aviation System Design Laboratory.

Georgia Tech is located in the Midtown area of Atlanta, about 14 miles from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The campus is surrounded by high-rise buildings, city rail transit (MARTA) with routes to the airport, as well as north-south interstate highways (I-85 and I-75) to the east of the campus.

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