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About Illinois State University

Located in Normal, Illinois, this university is anything but normal! Founded in 1857 and home to the redbirds, it's the oldest public university in Illinois. Illinois State University is unique, and the students here thrive on innovating, creating, researching, and learning. With over 18,000 undergraduate students and nearly 2,500 graduate students, the school ranked #83 on U.S. News and World Report's Best Public National Universities list.

Students from 43 states and over 65 countries flock to Illinois State University for its values, traditions, and affordability. In fact, the school ranked as the 22nd Best College for the Money out of 1,200 schools across the country. Not only that, but ISU is located in a great college town' complete with parks, restaurants, theaters, and sporting arenas. The campus itself is home to many theater productions as well' famed actress Jane Lynch is an alumna.

Research is a big part of the learning experience at ISU. From working to make art accessible to everyone, including those who are blind, to exploring the depths of water quality, students work alongside faculty members every day to find answers. In fact, Redbird scholars have received over $19 million in external funding awards for research projects at ISU.

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