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About Iowa State University

Iowa State University is a public university, formally known as the Iowa State University of Science and Technology. Formerly known as the Iowa State College of Agronomy and Mechanical Engineering, the school was founded by the Morrill College Land Grant Act.
The Iowa State University campus is about 1,984 acres, enrolling over 26,000 students, with international students accounting for about 1% of the student population. The school's beautiful scenery and excellent academic style attracts a large number of international students from around the world.

Iowa State University was established in 1862. It has a total of eight major colleges, providing more than 200 different majors for students. The university is best known for its agriculture and forestry programs. Iowa State University also has some of the best chemistry and physics programs in the world. As well, the school's landscape architecture program was ranked 10th best in the country in 2016. There are 20 residence halls in total on campus and there are over 800 student organizations on campus.

The university is also home to the first electronic computer in the world. It was created by Professor John Atanasoff and an engineering graduate student named Clifford Berry. A replica of the original computer can be observed on campus in the Durham Computation Center. Iowa State University was also an essential element in the creation and development of the atomic bomb with its involvement in the Manhattan Project.

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