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About Miami University

Miami University is located in Oxford, Ohio. The university was originally founded in 1809, with the first courses commencing in 1824. The campus is enormous, spanning over 2,000 acres in Oxford. It has been described as one of the most beautiful campus there ever was. The town of Oxford has also been ranked as one of the best college towns located in the US. US News & World Report ranked the undergraduate program as 79th in US universities and the undergraduate teaching at Miami University as being the fifth best in national public universities. Miami has also been described as one of the eight Public Ivies in the US.

The university has had a long history with Greek life, and it is actually the birthplace of 5 greek organizations. Over one third of the student population is a member of the Greek community. The school offers over 120 undergraduate degree programs as well as over 60 graduate degree programs. The eight schools and colleges at the campus range from architecture, business, engineering, humanities and sciences. The school also offers 400 student organizations for its 24,000 students.

The sports teams at Miami are named the RedHawks. The RedHawks were originally named the Redskins. However, due to conflict with the Miami tribe in 1997, the school voted to change its name. The school has had notable student athletes that have gone on to play professional sports. Some of these athletes include Ben Roethlisberger, John Harbaugh and Wally Szczerbiak. Other notable alumni of the university include a past US President, the previous Prime Minister of South Korea and former CEO of AT&T.

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