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About University of California - Davis

University of California Davis is one of 62 members of the American University Consortium that represents the highest level of academic excellence in North America. UC Davis was established in 1959 as the seventh campus in the University of California system. The University of California, Davis is known as one of the United States' "public ivy" elite schools. In 2015, the U.S. News ranked UC Davis as eighth in the United States, and 37 in the world rankings.

The school is a global leader in sustainable development research, climate change and green clean energy development in the United States, and is one of the partners and managers of the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. In the fields of biochemistry, engineering, law, management and resource economics, the environmental sciences and agriculture and landscape sciences are among the best in the world. The school has 104 undergraduate and 96 graduate programs. Of specific note is the university's Department of Viticulture and Enology, which focuses on the study of grape-growing and winemaking. They distribute and pass on their valuable findings and research to many Californian wineries. Due to the fact that the school has many acres of campus farmland, it is no surprise that the school has its own on-campus dairy and meat-processing plant as well as an experimental farm.

UC Davis has one of the largest annual operating budgets allocated for its undergraduate student government at an annual budget of $11.1 million. The school has over 500 registered student organizations and hosts an annual Picnic day. The school's official colors are blue and gold. This stems from its early connection to Yale University. The school mascot is a mustang named Gunrock.

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