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About University of California - Irvine

Founded in 1965, the University of California, Irvine (UCI), is one of the ten universities in the University of California, and one of the most prestigious public universities in the world. The school offers 80 undergraduate degrees as well as 98 graduate and professional degrees. University of California Irvine is also the second largest employer in Orange County.

University of California, Irvine is located in the city of Irvine in Orange County, California, about 50 miles south of Los Angeles. It is the second-youngest campus in the UC system. The perfect location, excellent learning and living environment, and the reputation of Silicon Valley in Southern California with a large number of high-tech companies has helped the school become one of the fastest growing branches. The school may be newer, but UCI's rankings are not far behind that of the University of California, Berkeley, UCLA, University of California, Davis and the University of California, San Diego.

The university has a number of libraries. As the school's administrative library, the Langson Library shoulders the responsibility of preserving school archives and archiving students' papers. At the same time, it has a total of 1.5 million books and 17,000 periodicals. In addition, UCI also has a scientific library, a medical center library as well as other professional libraries. UCI provides library books for teachers and students without any restrictions, with a rental time of up to 3 months. There is also a network of tunnels that runs along many of the buildings on campus. While the majority of them carry electrical and air-conditioning utilities, some students suspect that they may have been constructed to facilitate safe evacuation of students and faculty members in case of emergencies.

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