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About University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut was originally built in 1881 as a government bill to grant land to the university. UConn currently has 28,000 students on its campuses, including 8,000 Master's and doctoral students. All of UConn's area covers more than 20,000 acres, the majority of it surrounded by the jungle. UConn is known for its elegant environment and advanced facilities. The university ranks 12th in the Princeton American University facility rankings. As a leader in public universities in New England, UConn's government has valued its development since 2000, and they've invested $2 billion just in school facilities. Since 2013, the state government continues to increase investment to enhance the school infrastructure and talent introduction program. UConn strives for constant improvement in their school ranking in all aspects.

UConn is known as a public institution of higher learning. The school's reputation is supported by various people including more than 70 research centers, specialized teachers, graduate students, and undergraduates, all of which are involved with providing public education and natural resource protection. UConn's teaching and research is strong as it's been named one of New England's best public universities for nine consecutive years. In the past decade, the amount of new applications received within each year has doubled.

The University of Connecticut's various sports teams are named the 'Huskies' and many of the sports team members have gone on to play for professional teams in the NBA, NFL and MLB. Many of the student athletes at the school have also earned high distinction in their academic achievements.

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