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About University of North Florida

A relatively new university, the University of North Florida first opened its doors in 1972. Now a nationally ranked public university, it has earned a top ranking in U.S. News and World Report 'Best Online Bachelor Programs.' Overall, UNF is considered a part of the elite of public universities. Locate in Jacksonville, Florida, the university has an internationally renowned art museum and hosts a Distinguished Lecturer Program which has hosted Desmond Tutu and Dan Rather, to name just two well-known speakers.

UNF has over 13,000 undergraduates and nearly 2000 graduate students. The in-coming class of 2017 was one of the best qualified classes in the entire nation with a GPA of 4.27. It is considered one of the best regional universities in the southeast. The university boasts 19 NCAA Division I sports teams making them competitive on the national level in athletics. Because of its location, students at UNF can enjoy outdoor activities year-round and the university assists in these activities with and active outdoor program. The proximity to natural surroundings allows the university to boast that they have over 2000 wild Ospreys that live in and around campus.

One thing the University of North Florida makes known is their small classes and low student to faculty ratio (18to 1 in an average class size of 34). Though it is a large university, it offers some of the benefits of individualized attention usually associated with small colleges. The university also values real-life experiences as part of their education. The University of North Florida offers an array of internships and immersive learning programs. 87 % of UNF students take part in internships or other real- world experiences as part of their academic study.

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