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About University of Washington

The University of Washington is among the most prestigious and largest universities in the US. The university was founded in 1861 and is currently located on a 700 acre campus in Seattle. It has a very reputable medical school, which offers training in medicine, public health and dentistry, serving medical centers across Alaska and the Pacific North West.

The school has educated students traditionally for public service in its immediate region, through courses such as social work, public affairs, engineering, and education.

Students of the University of Washington have the opportunity to join any of the over 500 student organizations and clubs, including about fifty fraternities and sororities. About 75% of University of Washington graduates usually remain in the state. The University of Washington is informally known as U-Dub, and its sports teams, alumni and students and sometimes called 'Huskies'.

The University of Washington has profound impact on students, its region and the globe ' whether it is confronting tough challenges or launching young ones into a limitless future through scholarship and undaunted research. The university which is ranked number 13 among universities in the world educates over 54,000 students every year, turning ideas into impact and transforming lives and the world.

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