MGMT3016 Study Guide - Final Guide: Bop It, Social Stratification, Science Education

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30 Jul 2018

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Practical issues asia pacific regional groupings (asean, apec, afta: australia(cid:495)s economic future, asian countries(cid:495) future, rapid social change the nics & second-tier nics, convergence/divergence/crossvergence debate, asian management paradigms. Sources of diversity: language and culture, colonial past, belief systems. A special way of looking at societies east of europe (middle east islam) Extremes of: rich and poor japan to burma. Colonial history: population china 1,386 million to singapore 5. 4 million, colonized indonesia (dutch), malaysia, hong kong, singapore, uncolonized japan, thailand, colonizer japan (british), philippines (spanish, us), vietnam (french), korea, Stages of economic development: china, japan, hong kong, singapore, south korea and taiwan. Highly developed in size and complexity of economy. Four dragons (formally nics) european level gnp. Transition economies socialist/communist background with: malaysia, indonesia, thailand, philippines, laos, cambodia degrees of increasing market orientation growth policies (2nd tier nics, china, vietnam. After post-dynastic collapse, reintegrated under maoist communism.

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