CHIN20005 Lecture 3: Chinese 1 Notes 3. New

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Published on 9 Nov 2020
Chinees 1 Note Lesson 3
1) S O (Note: the negative form for the verb is , not )
英文书。 I have English books.
没有法文书。 I do not have French books.
Simple question forms
S O 英文书吗? Do you have English books?
2) Measure Words
When a noun follows a number or the pronoun of this (), that () or which (), a measure
word should be used and placed before the noun.
For example, 五本词典 five dictionaries
三张地图 three maps
一个学生 student
这本词典 this dictionary
那张地图 that map
哪个学生 which student
When the number is one”, however, the number can be omitted. In other words, if no
number is placed before a measure word, that missing number must be one.
For example, 我买中国地图。
I buy a map of China.
I do not have an English-Chinese Dictionary;
I only have a Chinese-English Dictionary.
3) and
In Chinese, there are two words for two”. They are (or in the digit form “2) and , and
each is used in different circumstances.
(or the digit “2”) is used generally in numbers, when counting, or giving out a number
such as a phone number, and so on. The digit “2” generally cannot be used to say there are
“two” of something.
is used to say there are two” of something. cannot be used in numbers which are
ended with “2” such as 12, 22, 32, 102 .
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