CHIN20005 Lecture 7: Chinese 1 Notes 7. New(1)

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9 Nov 2020
Chinese 1 Notes Lesson 7
1) S V O
打算干什么? What do you plan to do?
打算去买词典。 I plan to go to buy a dictionary.
打算去商店买书 I plan to go to the shop to buy books.
打算去朋友家玩儿 I plan to go to my friend’s home to hang out (play).
2) Other structures which we have learned with 打算
我打算在家里看电视 S plan + place V O.
他打算在学校看电视 S plan + place V O.
In these examples, the characters in red can be considered the objects of “打算, plan”. These
objects are not single words, but complete sentence structures; and in these structures, the
subjects are dropped if they are the same ones as those before 打算.
Please note: as the structures (which follows 打算), they can have their own time words.
我打算明年去(北京) S plan + time place V O
3) 或者 (or)
Unlike 还是 (or) which is used to form a question which offers a choice of alternatives, 或者
(or) is used in a statement.
我打算学习中文或者(学习) 日文 I plan to study Chinese or Japanese.
Q: 你要咖啡还是(要)茶? Do you want coffee or tea?
A: 咖啡或者茶都可以 Either coffee or tea is fine.
4) What time is now? What day is today? What date is today? The verb“”is often
omitted in these sentences.
现在几点?(现在几点?) What time is now?
现在八点。(现在八点。) It is 8 o’clock.
今天星期几(今天星期几)? What day is today?
今天星期一(今天星期一)。 Today is Monday.
今天几月几号(今天几月几号)? What date is today?
今天七月二十八号(今天七月二十八号)。 Today is 28th July.
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