CHIN20005 Lecture 29: Lesson One Practice Chinese 3

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9 Nov 2020
Lesson One Practice
I. Fill in the blanks with words and phrases learnt in this lesson:
a. 是啊。下个月________毕业____
b. ________以后____工作________读研究生?
c. 你的________________经济吧?
d. ____一个____工作________没有问题。
e. 刚刚________论文,________找工作。
f. 工作________了吗?
g. 找了________公司,____不太________
h. _______考试____________________。你也很忙吧?
II. Tell the meanings of the following radicals and write compound characters:
You may refer to the link:
III. Translate:
a. Are you going to China soon?
b. After graduation, are you going to work or to undertake graduate study?
c. There should be no problem to find a good job in China.
d. 她妈妈身体不太好,她身体非常好。
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