CHIN20005 Lecture 90: Lesson Three Practice Chinese 3

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9 Nov 2020
Lesson Three Practice
I. Fill in the blanks with words and phrases learnt in this lesson:
a. ________喜欢喝,现在____喜欢喝____
b. ________的时候,常常________________
c. ____中国以前,我喜欢________,特别_____________
d. ________我从来____________你打球。
e. ________学习汉________,我____________那么多时
f. 是啊,我爸爸喜____________________,那____以前
g. 去年,我们________……没有____________,不能
h. 每天晚上________晚饭________,我爸爸____带狗出
II. Matich the radicals in the left column with those in the right to form
characters and make words.
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