NEUR30003 Study Guide - Final Guide: Gynandromorphism, Microscopy, Aromatase

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Which of the following measurements has the poorest spatial resolution: light microscopy, magnetic resonance imaging (mri, computer-aided tomography (cat, super-resolution fluorescent microscopy. Neurogenesis -> neuronal migration -> process outgrowth -> synaptogenesis. Part 2, some discussion points: what are the mechanisms that induce sexual dimorphisms in the male and female brain. Which of the following measurements of brain function has the poorest temporal resolution: eeg, pet, meg, micro-electrode recording. Which of the following brain imaging techniques is the most invasive in terms of being potentially hazardous for the subject being imaged: cat scan, pet scan, mri scan, fmri scan. Place these four process in the order in which they occur during neural development: synaptogenesis; 2. In the early phase of the genesis of the cerebrum, radial glial cell division gives rise to a radial glial cell and a neuronal precursor cell. This type of cell division is known as: 1.

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