MGC1010 Study Guide - Artha, Acculturation, Gemeinschaft And Gesellschaft

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30 Jul 2015

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Colonial history: colonized indonesia (dutch), malaysia, hong kong, singapore (british), philippines (spanish, us), vietnam (french), korea, taiwan (japanese, uncolonized japan, thailand, colonizer japan. Entry into the world trade organization (wto) (nov 2001) of huge significance. Previously china"s laissez faire capitalism window to the world now in danger of being sidelined in this role. Formerly strong government control and military influence which is now challenged by many global forces. Became more confrontationist due to bush administration"s more uncompromising approach. The widening, deepening and speeding up of the worldwide interconnectedness. The set of: values, attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, customs. Cultural systems are products of action and conditioning. Transmits knowledge and technology for food production and. Great tradition: of the rulers: the royal court, literati, clerics, urban centre based, written language/religious texts, high church/high culture. Religious observances and employment: leave, uniforms, gender relations, welfare benefits, appraisal.

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