BSB124 Study Guide - Chocolate Cake, Bloomberg Businessweek, Tantrum

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20 Jan 2017

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Week 1: the "half life" of knowledge is always getting smaller, difference between effective and ineffective businesses is people, types of learning. Didactic - lecture/school/education/expert presenting/most effective because they can take large numbers. All learning is relearning learning requires resolution of conflict learning requires a holistic approach learning results from synergetic transactions between the person and the environment learning is a process of creating knowledge: cycle of learning, example. Concrete learning - given chocolate after throwing a tantrum after mum says no. Reflective experience - i got a chocolate for throwing a tantrum. Abstract conceptualisation - a tantrum will help me get a chocolate even if someone says no. Active experience - next shopping trip they throw a tantrum when dad says no: reflective and abstract are very similar. Reflective means thinking about what just happened. Abstract affects how we look at the world. Ego does- rational and objective/rational strategies for the id"s desires.

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