MGB200 Study Guide - Tacit Knowledge, Corporate Communication, Transformational Leadership

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20 Jan 2017

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Identify four conditions or events that potentially weaken an organisation"s dominant culture. Seniors managers lack transformational leadership skills, lack consistency, or have high turnover rates. Rapid expansion or high turnover - it takes times to learn organisation culture and long standing employees are the richest in information. Strength of organisational culture depends on social interaction, so policies and procedures that discourage social interaction weaken culture. The organisation does not select and socialise new employees. They should hire employees that share the same values, they will role conflict if they don"t. Comment on the accuracy of the following statement and explain your answer. Organisations with strong corporate cultures are more effective than organizations with weak corporate cultures. ". Discuss and define strong and weak organisational culture. Firms with dominant values must be compatible with external environment. Strong organisations culture can diminish if it becomes too strong that employees are unable to break out of the dominant mental model.