MGB200 Study Guide - Final Guide: Situational Leadership Theory, Force-Field Analysis, Richard Branson

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20 Jan 2017

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Transformational leadership and hersey and blanchard"s situational leadership: Define: transformational leadership: a leadership perspective that explains how leaders change teams or organisations by creating, communicating and modelling a vision for the organisation or work unit, and inspiring employees to strive for that vision. Leading (transformational) vs. managing (transactional) vs. charisma (personal trait) Transformational - some leadership models say charismatic leadership is essential for transformational leadership. Emerging view - charisma differs from transformational leadership. Transformational leadership is a set of behaviours to bring about change. Limitations - it is a universal theory: build commitment to the vision, develop a strategic vision, model the vision, communicate the vision. Define: effective leaders vary their style (telling, selling, participating, delegating) with the readiness" of the followers. Readiness = employees willingness (motivation and commitment to task) Define: an adaptive response to a situation that is perceived as challenging or threatening to a person"s wellbeing.