FINS1612 Study Guide - Final Guide: Basel Iii, Basel Ii, Commercial Bank

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5 Nov 2018

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T the basel iii capital adequacy requirements strengthen and extend the basel ii capital accord. F term deposits are unlikely to be viewed as attractive investments during times of financial markets volatility. T banks" off-balance-sheet activities have continued to show strong growth in recent years. T bank runs are always a possibility in a financial system that does not require banks to hold an amount of reserves that is equal to the amount of deposits. F there are no government guarantees on bank deposits in australia. T the lcr and the hqla are two key components of the new liquidity standards introduced as part of changes associated with the introduction of basel iii. T a negotiable certificate of deposit is a discount security that may be issued into the money markets. T one of the attractions for a bank of funding a client through a bank bill facility is that the security can be sold into the money markets.