IMED3001 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Streptococcal Pharyngitis, Angina Pectoris, Syphilis

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Interchordal ballooning or hooding of the mitral leaflets which are enlarged, rubbery, redundant and thick. The tendinous cords are elongated, thinned or ruptured. Attenuation of the fibrosa, thickening of spongiosa and deposition of myxoid material. Fibrous thickening of leaflets, thickening of lv endocardial surface, thickening of the mural endocardium of lv or atrium, thrombi on atrial surface of leaflets, focal calcifications at the base of the posterior mitral leaflet. Mid or late systolic click and murmur. Dilatation of aortic root (old age or syphilis) Wide pulse pressure with a collapsing pulse. It is an acute immunologically mediated multisystem inflammatory disease after an episode of group a streptococcal pharyngitis. A disease due to cross reaction of antibodies against group a. Antibodies against m proteins of streptococci can cross react with self antigens in heart. Cd4+ t cells also react with self proteins and produce cytokines. Occurs in children (5 to 15), now rare in developed countries.

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