IMED3001 Study Guide - Final Guide: Valvular Heart Disease, Pulmonary Artery, Glomerulosclerosis

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Hyperthyroidism, anaemia, pregnancy, av fistulas, beriberi, Ihd, hhd, dilated cm (dcm), vhd, pericardial disease. Large sudden mi, valve rupture, loss of blood. Usually systolic failure, result in systemic hypotension without peripheral oedema. Dcm, multi valvular heart disease normal bp, but with oedema. Definition: elevation of pulmonary artery pressure due to pulmonary vascular or parenchymal disease. It is the right sided counterpart of left sided hypertensive heart disease. Pulmonary arterial pressure > 30mmhg (10 - 15mmhg), or when equal to 1 4 of systolic pressure. Cor pulmonale right ventricular enlargement due to pulmonary hypertension caused by disorders of the lungs or pulmonary vessels. Primarily left sided due to systemic hypertension or right sided due to pulmonary hypertension. Minimal criteria for diagnosis of systemic hhd. Lvh in the absence of other cardiovascular pathology. Pph, collagen vascular disease, congenital systemic to pulmonary shunts. Lv diastolic dysfunction, mitral stenosis or regurgitation lung disease and hypoxaemia.