IMED3001 Final: IMED3001_ Hypertensive Heart Disease

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Concentric left ventricular hypertrophy in the absence of other heart disease and with a clinical history of hypertension. Left ventricular thickness > 15mm and heart weight > 500g. The increased thickness of the left ventricular wall impairs diastolic filling and. Initially there is no ventricular dilation but eventually there will be left heart backward failure, left atrial enlargement, lung congestion and subsequently pulmonary oedema. Lm: increase in transverse diameter of myocytes, irregular cellular and nuclear enlargement with variation in cell size and interstitial fibrosis. Define pathology, pathogenesis, aetiology, disease, risk factor, complication. Be aware of the the different branches of pathology. Understand the range of tools available for use by pathologists. Following long standing pulmonary hypertension as in copd. Eventual rv failure with hepatosplenomegaly and oedema. Accounts for 1/3 of all deaths in developed countries. Most are due to atherosclerotic narrowing of the coronary arteries. Risk factors are the same as atherosclerosis.