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Study Guides for FINC13-303 at Bond University

Portfolio Analysis and Investment Management

FINC13-303 Study Guide - Final Guide: Interest Rate Risk, Dividend Discount Model, Yield Curve

Week 15: Chapter 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 Zero Coupon Value: Principles: risk, time consuming, expensive, OTC, illiquid, tailored to inv. (specific Straddle: Combo of a Call a Put (each with same exercise price expiration date) Mar...

Julie Henker
FINC13-303 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: S&P 500 Index, Risk-Free Interest Rate, Sharpe Ratio

TYPES OF MARKETS Inflation: 2. Investors are alike except for initial wealth risk aversion; so all choose Implementation costs, behavioural biases. Are markets efficient? Weakform tests: Pattern in Direct Search: Buyers a...

Julie Henker
FINC13-303 Midterm: Review for Mid-Semester

Week 1 Security Markets Functions of the financial markets: o Overall purpose: facilitate low cost investment o Bringing together buyers and sellers at low cost o Providing adequate liquidity o Set and update the prices of...

Julie Henker
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