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NURS1000 Final: Functional health patterns

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sianna crochett
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Functional health patterns:
Health perception: describes how the patient perceives their health and wellbeing
and how they manage their health.
Nutritional-metabolic pattern: describes the pattern of food and fluid consumption
relative to metabolic need
Elimination pattern: describes patterns of excretory function (bowel movement,
bladder and skin excretion).
Activity-exercise pattern: describes pattern of exercise and daily activities
Sleep-rest pattern: describes patterns of sleep, rest and relaxation
Cognitive-perceptual pattern: describes patterns of perception and cognition
Self-perception and self-concept pattern: describes self-concept and perception of
self-worth, self-competency, body image and mood state.
Role-relationship pattern: describes pattern of role engagements and relationships
Sexuality-reproductive pattern: describes patterns of reproduction and of
satisfaction/dissatisfaction with sexuality.
Coping-stress tolerance patterns: describes patterns of coping and effectiveness of
the pattern in terms of stress tolerance
Value-belief pattern: describes values and beliefs that guide choices and decisions
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