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Study Guides for HPS121 at Deakin University

Psychology B: Individual and Social Development

HPS121 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Impulsivity, Reserpine, Bilateral Cingulotomy

Human Development Developmental Psychology focuses on physiology, cognition (way that we think and process the world), and social behaviour (social rules) over the lifespan. Development is orderly, i.e. crawl, ...

Richelle Mayshak
HPS121 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Telemarketing, Xerostomia, Operant Conditioning

PERSONALITY Eriksons Psychosocial stages: Basic trust vs mistrust (Infancy) Autonomy vs shame and doubt (Toddlerhood) Initiative vs guilt (Early childhood) Industry vs inferiority (Middle childhood) Identity vs role confu...

Richelle Mayshak
HPS121 Study Guide - Final Guide: Umbilical Cord, Sexually Transmitted Infection, Primitive Reflexes

HPS121 Notes Chapter 12 development over the lifespan Developmental psychology examines biological, physical, psychological and behavioural changes that occur as we age. Four issues that guide developmental psychology: 1. ...

Alex Mussap
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