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Nervous System and Mental Health for Pharmacists

PC3005 Final: Nervous System Notes

2: WHAT SHOULD A NERVOUS SYSTEM DO? How do nervous system work? how do neurons work? Spirits (fluids) running through hollow nerve fibres, conveying impressions to the brain + activating muscles Mini explosions caused by f...

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PC3005 Study Guide - Final Guide: Vasomotor, Skeletal Muscle, Dermis

CNS = brain and spinal cord Nucleus = aggregation of functionally related nerve cell bodies PNS = peripheral nerves and ganglia Ganglion = aggregation of like nerve cell bodies Bundles of axons called a: ...

All Professors
PC3005 Study Guide - Final Guide: Endocranium, Gyrification, Human Tooth Development

Nervous system evolution Little evidence looking back anatomy Brains dont fossilize (bones do) Only real measure of brain history = endocranial volume (size of brain based on size of skull) All ...

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