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UNIMELBUNIB10009Prof.Mohan SinghSpring

UNIB10009 Final: Food for a Healthy Planet- Genetic Modification

OC24960546 Page
Done by selecting the good plant / inducing mutations through radiation or chemicals and then selecting the good" plant. Does not involve sexual reprod
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UNIMELBUNIB10009Prof.Mohan SinghSpring

UNIB10009 Study Guide - Final Guide: Large Intestine, Anaphylaxis, Asthma

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Responsible for production of large amount of perishable food for melbourne ( fruit & veg, Melbourne"s foodbowl makes a significant economic contributi
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UNIB10009 Study Guide - Final Guide: The Population Bomb, Third Order, Junk Food

F o o d & e nv iro nm e nt. Hungry people: unequal distribution poverty; worse when short supply. Low education, poor gov, infrastructure, health care
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