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Study Guides for Julia Young

Early human development from cells to tissues

DEV2011 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Rudolf Virchow, Robert Hooke, Cell Theory

DEV2011 Mid Semester Notes Lecture 2 Cells: Organelles and Functional Compartments Mammalian Cell Robert Hooke (17 century) o Discovered piece of cork was composed of cells Cell Theory (Rudolf Virchow 1859) 3 basic compone...

Developmental Studies
Julia Young
DEV2011 Study Guide - Final Guide: Intermediate Filament, Cell Adhesion, Cell Adhesion Molecule

Lecture 15 Cytoskeleton and Cell Mobility in Development Nature of Cytoskeleton Complex network of filaments extending throughout cytoplasm of cells o Function: Stabilises and protects cell Maintenance of cell shape Cellul...

Developmental Studies
Julia Young
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