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MKC3140 Study Guide - Final Guide: Experience Curve Effects

Business - Marketing - MKC
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MKC3140 Strategy Notes
Input-Output Framework for Managing Customer Heterogeneity
Three key inputs to the framework are required to conduct
segmentation, targeting, and positioning of potential customers
The second and third inputs are similar, but one focuses on the focal
company and the other involves the company’s competitors
The inputs to managing customer heterogeneity entail the 3C’s of
situation analysis:
1. Customers
2. Company
3. Competitors
The inputs to managing customer heterogeneity thus entail 3Cs of
situation analysis: Customers, Company, and Competitors.
Together, they provide the contextual background for the firms
A firm’s marketing strategy is embedded in this background and must
both fit and leverage” customers’ preferences and perceptions,
market trends, and the firm’s relative strengths.
In turn, the framework generates outputs, which then provide the inputs
for subsequent First Principles
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