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Final Exam Notes for Chapter 1 and Lecture 1

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PSY 141
Anita Williams

INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY LECTURE 1 – PSY141 EXAM NOTES Psychology Defined: Psychology is the Scientific Investigation of mental processes and behaviour. This involves examining the person’s biological makeup, psychological experience and functioning, and cultural and historical moments. Biopsychology Defined: Biopsychology examines Physical basis of psychological phenomena such as motivation, emotion and stress. Cross Cultural Psychology: Cross Cultural Psychology tests psychological hypotheses in different cultures. Biology and culture both form boundaries, or constraints, within which psychological processes operate. Freewill or Determinism: Freewill or Determinism is the ability to freely choose an action or whether their behaviour follows a pattern. Mind-Body Problem (DESCARTES): How mental and physical events interact. Structuralism (TITCHENER): Used contemplation to uncover the basic elements of consciousness and how they combine with one another into idea (STRUCTURE OF CONCIOUSNESS). Functionalism (WILLIAM JAMES): Functionalism looked for explanations of psychological processes in their role, or function, in helping the individual adapt to the environment. WILHELM WUNDT – 1879 First psychological lab
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