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JSB175 EXAM WEEKLY REVIEWSWeek TwoWhat is EthicsQ Briefly answer the question what is ethics A Ethics is the study of moral judgmentwhat is considered right and wrongQ Explain the difference between the practical sense and moral sense of what is right A An example of the practical sense would simply be I want to have children therefore abortion is not right for meit is logical The moral sense however would sound like abortion is never rightQ Which four ethical theories have been examined over the course of the unit A Deontology consequentialism including utilitarianism virtue ethics and ethical egoismQ Briefly explain the term social ethics A Social ethics are moral judgments made about society for example how the justice system should operate and be structuredQ Explain the three different views of truth balls and strikes A Three umpires have different views on balls and strikes which reflect different views on truthsFirst umpire said there are balls and strikes and I call them the way they are This view corresponds with premodernism where there was a heavy influence from God and religion and people believed that truth was absolute and that was thatSecond umpire said there are balls and strikes and I call them the way I see them This view corresponds with modernism which occurred around the time of the Enlightenment when people began to challenge the views of faith and religion In this view truth is relative to the person who sees itThird umpire said there are balls and strikes and they aint nothing til I call them This view corresponds with postmodernism which demonstrates a complete loss of truth In this view truth is created not discoveredQ What is the basis for truth according to the postmodern view A The question of truth becomes not is it true but whose truth is it Philosophers began to believe that human reason can solve anything and under this view the answer of what is true and right can be answered by thinking about it logicallyQ What is the basis for truth according to the modern view A Modern philosophers also believed that truth could be found through reasoning however they believe in only one real truth and that even if that truth is difficult to understand it exists This view holds that there is always a right and wrong in every situation Philosophers believed that the goal of human existence was to find the truth in the worldQ Give as many examples as possible of the basis upon which we may make moral decisions ADivine commandThe Golden ruleSelfinterestDutyRespectUtility Q What are the three general areas that philosophers usually divide ethical theories into A Philosophers typically divide ethical theories into three general areasmetaethics normative ethics and applied ethicsQ Briefly describe the ethical area of metaethics A Metaethics investigates where our ethical principles come from and what they mean It asks questions such as are ethics simply social inventions and does ethics mean more than just our personal and emotional beliefs Metaethical answers to these questions focus on universal truths the will of God and the role of reason in ethical judgmentsQ What two issues are most prominent in metaethics A There are two prominent issues in metaethicsmetaphysical issues and psychological issues Metaphysical issues are concerned with whether or not morality exists independently of humans and psychological issues are concerned with the psychological basis of our moral conduct and behaviourQ Briefly describe the ethical area of normative ethics A Normative ethics is a more practical approach to ethics than metaethics and it aims to explore the moral standards which regulate right or wrong conduct In a sense it is the ongoing search for the ideal test of proper behaviour This could involve identifying the good habits which we should aim to acquire and practice the duties that we should follow or the consequences of our behaviour on others The key assumption of normative ethics is that there is only one ultimate criterion of ethical conduct whether it be one or a set of principlesQ Briefly describe the ethical area of applied ethics A Applied ethics involves examining specific controversial issues such as abortion homosexuality etc and uses the conceptual tools of both metaethics and normative ethics to attempt to resolve these topicsQ What does the term moral relativism refer to and what are its two forms A Moral relativism is the belief that morality exists as a human social construct and is not an otherworldly or divine construct as often believed in metaphysics Furthermore moral relativism is divided into two formsindividual relativism and cultural relativism Individual relativism believes that people create their own moral standards whereas cultural relativism believes that morality is grounded in the beliefs of the society
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