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Week 12 Exam Revision – Crime in the Home Intimate Partner Violence  Indigenous females were 35 times more likely to be hospitalised due to family violence than any other Australian females  In 2006–07, there were 12 recorded intimate partner homicides in Queensland  41 per cent of young people in a small study on remand were found to have a domestic and family violence history  domestic and family violence incidents in Queensland, which are currently estimated to cost the Queensland economy $2.7 to $3.2  The cost of domestic and family violence has been estimated at $13.6 billion per annum to the Australian economy  Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 1989 (Qld).  Child Protection Act 1999 Child Abuse:  Harm to a child is any detrimental effect of a significant nature on the child’s physical, emotional, or psychological wellbeing.  It does not matter how the harm is caused.  Harm includes physical, emotional or psychological abuse or neglect and sexual abuse or exploitation. (Child Protection Act 1999, s9) Where Do Child Abuse Statistics Come From?  Retrospective studies – self report victimisation studies i.e. adults who were abused as children  Reports made to child protection agencies  Reports made to police or authorities  Reports to counselling services  Perpetrator studies Limitations of Child Abuse statistics  Large amount of abuse not reported o Children are powerless and may not be able to report o Abuse may be ‘normalised’ within the home  Data not always recorded with same definitions  Parents may not report or not want to report abuse Cycle of Abuse  Phase 1 – Tension building o Tensions builds, communication is lost or damaged between victim and abuser, victim may feel the need to calm the abuser and prevent hostility  Phase 2 – Incident o Verbal and emotional abuse may occur. Anger, blame, arguments, intimidation and threats.  Phase 3 – Reconciliation
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