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LWB145 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUIZ QUESTIONS WEEKS 15Information about the Multiple Choice QuizThe 70 questions are taken from materials prescribed for weeks 15 including the Study Guide lectures tutorial questions and answers texts and readingsThe questions are in random ordercheck how many you can answer at the end of each weekTutors and lecturers will not tell you the answers to the questions you must find them in the course materialsYour exam will comprise 20 of the multiple choice questionsAnswer options may be shuffled in the quizeg option a may become c and c may become b and so onThe quiz will be made available to you at the beginning of week 7 through the Blackboard siteYou have 20 minutes to complete the quizAfter this time has expired the quiz will automatically close downOnce you have started the quiz you must complete it in the one sittingQuestions1 In the Commonwealth Parliament any Bill may originate in either the Senate or the House of RepresentativesaTruebFalse2 From the citation 1989 VR 323 we knowathe case was decided in 1989bthe case was reported in the 1989 volume of the reportscboth a and bdnone of the above3 Which of the following is an example of subordinate legislationaconsolidated Actsbreprinted Actscexplanatory memorandadregulations4 Assume the Members of Parliament Bonuses Act Cth was assented to on 24 July 2009 at 1000 am and that the Act is silent as to commencement Assume the Act provides that any member of the Commonwealth Parliament who introduces a bill into Parliament is entitled to a bonus payment of5000 Bill Smith Member of the House of Representatives for the Federal seat of Gold Coast in the State of Queensland would prima facie be entitled to the bonus payment if he introduced a bill at which of the following timesa24 July 2009 at 900 amb24 July at 1100 amc24 August at 200 pmdAny of the above15 Section 51 of the Commonwealth Constitution definesaexecutive powers held by the Commonwealthblegislative powers held by the Commonwealth concurrently with the Statesclegislative powers that are held only by the Commonwealth dnone of the above6 The Queensland Parliament currently consists ofthe Legislative Assemblyabthe Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Councilcthe Queen and the Legislative Assemblydthe Governor and the Legislative Assembly7 Assume the Registration of Cats Act 2009 Qld came into force on 1 March 2009 and that the Act provides that any cat born in Queensland after 30 June 2009 must be registered with the Queensland Cat Registration Authority within 8 weeks of its birthFreds cat Missy was born in Indooroopilly a suburb of Brisbane on Saturday 4 July 2009The last date on which Missy could be registered in compliance with the Act isaFriday 28 AugustbSaturday 29 AugustcSunday 30 AugustdMonday 31 August8 The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act was enacted by the British Parliament ina1788b1828c1900d19019 In England the administration of common law and equity was fused as a result ofathe Judicature Acts 18731875bthe Earl of Oxfords case 1615 1 Rep Ch 1cthe Bill of Rights 1688dProhibitions del Roy 1607 12 Co Rep 6310 The official responsibility for the preparation of reprinted Queensland Acts rests withathe Queensland Government Printerbthe Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counselcthe Registrar of the Supreme Court of QueenslanddThe Clerk of the Queensland Parliament11 In R v SBU 2012 1 Qd R 250 the plaintiff wasaRbSBUcBoth R and SBUdNeither2
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