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PYB102 Introduction to Psychology 1b Lecture Week 1 THE BRAIN • The protective sheaths around the brain and the spinal cord are referred to as the meninges. • The meninges consist of three layers: o dura mater o arachnoid membrane o pia mater • Between the pia mater and the arachnoid membrane is a gap called the subarachnoid space. This space is filled with CSF. • Inside, series of chambers filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). These cavities form what is known as the ventricular system. • The CSF circulating through the ventricular system has at least two main functions o a mechanical shock absorber. Floating in CSF, the brain is protected from sudden movements that would otherwise cause contact with the inside skull. o INSERT Functions of cerebral cortex: • Provides for flexible control of patterns of movement • Permits subtle discrimination among complex sensory patterns • Makes possible symbolic thinking Functional organisation of cortex: Primary areas • Broca's area - speech production, grammar • Frontal lobe - abstract thinking, planning, social skills, speech production • Motor cortex - neurons driving muscles back down our spinal cord • Central fissure • Somatosensory cortex • Parietal lobe - further process and integrate - touch, spatial orientation, nonverbal thinking • Occipital lobe - vision • Primary visual cortex • Wernicke's area - speech comprehension • Temporal lobe - auditory - language, hearing, visual pattern recognition Association areas • Forebrain - a combination of upper level structures • Midbrain - helps coordinate movement patterns, sleep and arousal • Hindbrain o pons - involved with respiration, movement, waking, sleeping and dreaming o cerebellum - coordinates fine muscle movement, balance, some perception and cognition o medulla - responsible for breathing, heartbeat and other vital life
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