PYB110 Exam Revision Notes - Week 8

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PYB110 Week Eight Revision Notes Hypothesis Testing With Samples  We know that any one sample will not tell us the mean of the population from which it was taken because it can change with every sample taken. We call this a sampling error.  Therefore we must also accept that different random samples will not all have the same mean. This is called sampling variability.  Since we almost always use samples to represent populations, we want to minimise sampling error and variability as much as possible. Minimising Error  The simplest way to minimise error is to collect as much data from the population as possible.  This is really common sense – the larger the sample size, the less likely it will be unrepresentative of the population from which it came. Characteristics of the Distribution of Means  The mean of the distribution of means is the same as the population mean from which the sam  s taken. M Measuring Variability in Sample Means  The variance of the distribution of means can be calculated: 2 2   M  N  Where  Ms the variance of the distribution of means : 2 o  is the variance of the population o N is the number of scores in each sample Standard Error of the Mean  The standard deviation of the distribution of the means can also be calculated.  It is called the standard error of the mean.   M  N Three Types of Distributions 1. Population 2. Sample 3. Distribution of Means Hypothesis Testing A
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