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Study Guides for BESC1182 at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University

Developmental Psychology

BESC1182 Study Guide - Final Guide: Midlife Crisis, Developmental Psychology, Puberty

Part 1: Growth and foundation (week 1-3) 1. Place developmental psychology as a unique specialised discipline within the field of psychological science 2. Discuss the importance of an evidence-based approach when thinkin...

BESC1182 Study Guide - Final Guide: Platonic Love

Marias Identity Status Model (1966 93) Crisis: Involving active exploration of identity exploration Present Absent Present Identity Achievement Identity foreclosure Adolescents explore different Individual commits to an id...

BESC1182 Study Guide - Final Guide: Attachment In Adults, Trait Theory, Interpersonal Relationship

A 2D model of adult attachment by Bartholomew and Horowitz (1991) Anxiety Low Avoidance Low High High A two dimensional personality trait model that distilled attachment to 2 core personality dimensions; anxiety: perspect...

BESC1182 Final: BESC1182 Exam notes- Bronferbrenner's ecological system's theory and Vygotsky's Zone of proximal development

Bronfenbrenners Ecological Systems theories System Description Microsystem Something that directly influence a person. (I.e. Home, school, work, day care etc.) Mesosystem The interaction between the different microsystems....

BESC1182 Final: BESC1182 Exam notes- Sternberg's triarchic model

Sternbergs triarchic theory of successful intelligence Types of Description Intelligence Componential What schools focus on? Understanding concepts and understanding theoretical knowledge Experiential How well can someo...

BESC1182 Study Guide - Final Guide: High High

Kohlbergs Theory of Moral Development Level Stage Age range Description Pre Reward and 1 5 To be right, you must be obedient to the conventional punishment people in power and thus avoid punishment stage Exchange stage 5 ...

BESC1182 Study Guide - Final Guide: Prenatal Development, Abstraction, Preferential Attachment

Mapping Development Age Range Physical Cognitive Psychosocial Development Development Development Childhood Fine motor skills Language and problem Attachment and friendship solving Adolescence Growth Spurts Abstract thinki...

BESC1182 Study Guide - Final Guide: Peekaboo, Object Permanence, Critical Thinking

Piagets theory of cognitive development Key principles of Piagets theory: Adaptation: Processing, organizing and using new info which enables us to adjust to changes in the environment. Assimilation: Process of taking in n...

BESC1182 Study Guide - Final Guide: Mary Ainsworth

Mary Ainsworth Theory Types of When the caregiver When the When the caregiver Adulthood attachment was present caregiver left returned s Secure 6570 of When left alone The babies were happy Autonomou attachment attachments...

BESC1182 Study Guide - Final Guide: Linear Logic

Correspondence of Piagets Stages to the relevant psychological treatment Stage Description Example Application Sensorimotor Contact with the wold via Client do not only Visualizations, sensory into, mostly experience anxie...

BESC1182 Study Guide - Final Guide: Infant, Eating Disorder

Ericksons eight stage psychosocial stages Stag Age Developme Psychosoci Description e ntal period al crisis 1 Birth to Infancy Basic trust If the care the infant receives is consistent, 1yr versus predictable and reliable,...

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