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Perception and Cognition

PSYC2071 Study Guide - Final Guide: Sug, Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, Cue Reactivity

LEARNING PSYCHOLOGY HUMAN ASSOCIATIVE LEARNING Learning happens continually through life AL: - encode stat. regularities in envir - allows people to build rep. of envir - form beliefs about relat. ...

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PSYC2071 Study Guide - Final Guide: Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, Psychophysics, Wilhelm Wundt

PHYSIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION Psych as a discipline: Ebbinghaus: psych has long + short history (discipline only est. in lab in 1879 by Wundt) Late 19 Century: contrast bt philosophy + theology NATURAL...

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PSYC2071 Perception and Cognition

PSYC2071 Perception and CognitionPerceptionLECTURE 1.1What is Perception?Apprehension of the world by means of our senses. It determines what we this is real, what we think exists, and what we believe is true. The act of g...

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