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MGTS1601 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Job Satisfaction, Ob River

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Marissa Edwards
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So what is interpersonal deviance at work?
Workplace Deviance defined as
Voluntary behavior of organizational members that violate significant
organizational norms and, in doing so, threatens the well-being of an
organization, its members, or both.
The data shows between 33 and 75 percent of employees have engaged in some
form of deviant behavior. (Brown, 2008)
) have a question for you.
What factor would cause the interpersonal deviance?
) researched three main reasons- working pressure and envy & jealousy and job
First, working pressure.
Employee deviance may be an emotional response to organizational stress
Employees relationship with their organization is considered an exchange
relationship, wherein employees are required to contribute quality performance
to the organization in exchange for benefits e.g., pay, insurance, loyalty
In a highly competitive work environment, anyone can be considered as a
potential opponent.
Under work stress, self-protection human instinct to make unethical behavior.
Enhanced self-interest status may motivate individuals to participate in
unethical behavior.
Self-interest manifests into a full set of ex-ante and ex-post efforts to lie, cheat,
steal, mislead, disguise(dis ie s), obfuscate (ob fuse cate), feign, distort, and
)n general, stressful situations greatly influence employee behavior because they
often cause the employee to become frustrated, impatient, or irritateda li ta ted
and these types of emotions often lead to a variety of counterproductive
Second, envy & jealousy.
People who feel envy often strive to restore a sense of balance and to elevate
their own perceived standing-----minimize other peoplesoutcomes in an effort
to look good or make others look bad
Third, job satisfaction
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